Saturday, March 7, 2009

Guru Pooja Diwas Samagam

Sant Nirankari Mission, Seattle delightedly celebrated the Guru Pooja Divas on Feb 23 ’09 which marks the 55th birthday of Baba Hardev Singh ji Maharaj, head of the Sant Nirankari Mission. Rev. Prem Chaudhri ji from California presided over the sangat.

The program opened with Guru Pooja Diwas geet followed by several devotional group songs and speeches. With entire sangat in a festive mood to sing and dance, saints praised the importance of Satguru in our lives and emphasized that the only gift we can give to Baba ji is to follow his teachings. Bal sangat presented a skit depicting the message of love and brotherhood that this mission has taught us. Kavi darbar added another color to the evening with poems ranging from the life of Baba ji to spiritual journey illuminated by him.

Rev. Prem Chaudhri ji stressed the importance of giving and caring to bring about peace in the world. He emphasized that the first step towards world peace begins from our own family and also that we all should follow Baba ji’s message of love and sharing in true spirits. The satsang concluded with telecast of Babaji’s message inspiring that Gurus and prophets have always preached truth, love, compassion, tolerance and goodwill and a true devotee follows their teachings.

- Ishita Doultani and Ridhi Oberoi