Sunday, December 27, 2009

Thanks Giving Day celebrated by Seattle Sangat

On November 27th 2009, all the saints in Seattle gathered at local saint's house in order to celebrate the gift of life as the noblest expression of the human spirit.

Saints present sang devotional songs, gave speeches and thanked this almighty Nirankar for blessing all of us with precious human life.

Presiding from the stage, Rev. Amit Ji stressed the importance of Thanks giving day and emphasized to thank this almighty Nirankar in all circumstances. He prayed that May nirankar bless all of us so that along with our lives, we may also bring spring in others' life.

May Babaji keep blessing the Seattle Sangat with more of such opportunities.

- Sheetal Sharma

Annual Samagam Sangat at Moses Lake

Seattle saints who missed the opportunity of attending the Annual Sant Samagam at Delhi (India), gathered at Moses Lake, WA on November 15th, 2009 to celebrate the event in their own small way.

There were more than 50 attendees including people from local community and the Sangat was presided by Rev. Amar Preet Ji.

The program opened with Mission's message followed by several devotional songs, speeches and poems. The kids also participated with stories and praise this Nirankar. The local community was excited to attend such congregation and they also contributed towards langar seva.

Rev. Ranjit Ji, local Seattle saint, emphasized on the importance of Annual Samagam by saying this is the event where all the followers of the Nirankari Mission gather together to celebrate the joy of being blessed with God Knowledge. He also mentioned that such events are important as we get to learn more about saintly teachings and can improve our lives by imbibing them.

Rev. Preet ji also stressed on the importance of Samagam and explained that Sant Nirankari Mission is an effort to unite Mankind for the good of Humanity. She also emphasized on the importance of positive outlook.

The satsang concluded with telecast of Babaji’s message inspiring that saints words are mirror which helps us make ourselves beautiful once again. These words are so significant that in order to hear such words again and again, saints attend such congregation.

-Sheetal Sharma