Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rev. Baldev Arora Ji and Rev. Paul Ji's visit to Seattle

On Sunday, the 15th Feb '09, the Seattle satsang group had the opportunity to receive blessings from Rev Baldev Arora ji and Rev Paul ji from Vancouver, BC at one of local saint’s residence.

The satsang started with recitation of verses from Avtar bani and namashkar. Saints present sang devotional songs in praise of our beloved satguru and also shared their spiritual experiences.

Rev Paul ji in spoke about remembering God while performing duties. When we forget God we face terrible evils such as pride and ego. God consciousness is achieved through congregation of saints. He further stressed that ego is the root cause of problems and misunderstandings in relationships with our dear and near ones. We should shed our ego and surrender at the lotus feet of our Holy Master and accept His will. He quoted a saying by Jesus Christ “may god give you the strength to accept His will”. It is our faith in Nirankar and in our Guru that imbibes in us the spirit of acceptance of God’s will in good and bad times realizing that whatever Nirankar may do, is for our benefit . Initially we might get disturbed because we are ordinary mortals and hence we are unable to appreciate and foresee why it is happening. But we do come to realize at a later stage and are astonished to see the blessings that came in disguise.

Presiding from the stage, Rev Aroraji spoke on how to achieve Peace. We say 'I want Peace', remove 'I' i.e. 'ego' and remove 'want' i.e. 'desire', what remains is peace. The solution looks simple to say but is very difficult to implement. To achieve peace Harmony in word, thought and deed and Humility are the two major values to be imbibed in our character. Rev. Aroraji exhorted that the devotees should render service so that message of truth reaches everywhere for the benefit of society and the world. It is in this spirit that we should serve the mission with our body, mind and wealth without expecting any position or status in return. A devotee should not take pride in his service, instead be grateful to God for granting him an opportunity. He also stressed that it is our moral duty to follow the teachings of the Satguru.

The satsang concluded with mangla charan and dhuni, followed by langar. After the langar Rev Aroraji and Rev Paulji answered queries, which we asked them. Visiting Saints also obliged devotees by visiting their houses and blessed them to prosper spiritually. They left for Vancouver in the evening.

Around 25 saints attended the congregation. May Baba Ji keep blessing the saadh sangat of seattle with visits and enlightening darshan of more and more inspiring saints.

- Ishita Doultani