Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rev Sidhu Sahib's Visit to Seattle

On March 20th, 2010, Rev. Daljit Sidhu Ji along with Rev. Baldev Arora Ji blessed the Seattle sangat at one of local saint's residence. 7 other saints from Vancouver also blessed Seattle sangat with their holy presence, making for a congregation of more than 40.

Saints expressed their love and gratitude by singing spiritural and welcome songs, verses from Avtar Bani and speeches. Kids from Seattle Sangat presented a skit titled "He is the Boss" giving the message of surrendering all our worries to Satguru, the supreme power. Ranjit Ji, local Seattle saint, highlighted that we always need a teacher who can end our ignorance and show us the light of knowledge. To gain that knowledge we have to surrender ourselves completely.

Rev. Baldev Arora Ji emphasized on devotion, dedication and selfless service. He stressed that we need a light of love and wisdom that vanishes all the darkness and we should give the message of love to the world by following teachings of Satguru. Our lives get further illuminated by attending such congregations and listening to the divine words.

Presiding from Stage, Rev. Sidhu Sahib Ji described Love as ‘the biggest asset on the earth’. Love binds relationships. He called man as dead despite being alive in absence of love. Today man needs to learn the lesson of love taught by saints and sages in every age. He emphasized that Shri Ram attained the illumination of God-knowledge with the grace of Vashista Ji and Arjuna through Lord Krishna. The aim of human life is self-realization. He further stressed that Satguru has given us the god knowledge and we should always thank him. He also talked about complete surrender to this God formless.

May Babaji keep blessing Seattle Sangat with more of such congregations and enlightenment through the divine message.